Hybrids by Keith Davis

Image 8-6
Image 8-6
Image 8-6

Blc. Cauze

(C. Caudebac 'Breckinridge' 4N x Blc. Chinese Bronze)

The first blooms of my cross between Chinese Bronze and Caudebec are coming out very nice. They all should have upright clusters of purple spotted flowers. I used the 4N clone of C. Caudbec from Breckinridge.

Image 8-6
Image 8-6

Blc. Chinese Bronze

(Blc. Chinese Bronze 'Marco Polo' x self)

There is a gene in the 'Marco Polo' clone that can cause red flaring on the petal tips similar to what is found in C. intermedia variety aquinii. Images of this color form can be found on Orchid Wiz. I made a selfing of the 'Marco Polo' clone in the hope of getting some with this color variety. The #2 seedling has a lip reminiscent of the Chinese Jade parent; much larger, more round and some fringe on the edge. The #1 has appearances similar to the parent but with proportionally wider segments. It will be interesting to grow out more seedlings and find out what treasures might show up.

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Pot. Memoria Frank Fordyce

(Blc. Chia Lin 'Bau Ching-Tian' x Slc. Circle of Life 'Trailblazer' AM/AOS)
Here is a first bloom seedling from Carter and Holmes' cross # 9202, Pot. Mem. Frank Fordyce that I named 'Fire House'. It is a small plant still in the tray. Another plant is blooming that is also red, and a third one is solid peach colored with a red lip. The cross was made by putting pollen from Slc. Circle of Life 'Trailblazer' AM/AOS onto Blc. Chia Lin 'Bau Ching-Tian'. The pod was sent to C&H who did the flasking. The Chia Lin clone used is unique in that is much darker than other clones and it has a bright gold thread-like edge on the petals. You can see that this characteristic transferred to this particular clone. If you look at the second bloom on the bottom, it is more visible.
    I named the cross in memory of Frank Fordyce because during one of our frequent late Sunday night conversations, he talked about the possibility of making this cross and wondered how Circle of Life would do with a large dark flowered plant such as the Chia Lin. The next day, I went out to the greenhouse and made the cross since both parents were in flower at the same time. I am not sure if he ever made it or not. I did tell him about the fact that I made the cross and sent him a photo of the Chia Lin that was used. He passed away about 3 years after we had that conversation. I had always hoped to name a cross in memory of Frank since he was such a great friend and mentor, not only to me, but to hundreds of other orchid lovers all over the world. The fact that he had acutally discussed this cross with me, made it easy to honor the cross with his name. I think he would be pleased with the results.

Image 8-1
Image 8-1

Blc. Memoria Jessie Davis

(C. Mrs. Mahler 'Mem. Fred Tompkins' x Blc. Chinese Bronze 'E.G.')

I named this cross for my late mother. The first blooming plants have been really good with a range of color from light green and cream to rose and bronze. I bloomed one last year that was lime green and also one that was white with a red lip, all with very good shape. The upper photo by Bridget Uzar and the lower photo by Terry Bottom.

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Blc. Walden's Glen

(C. bicolor 'GOS' x Blc. Oconee 'Mendenhall')

This is my remake of a cross registered originally by Lines Orchids in 1996. I used a green bicolor with red lip. Photo is of a first bloom seedling.

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Slc. Pink Reflections

(C. Horace x Slc. Barbara Elmore)

Slc. Pink Reflections is a cross I registered in 2008. I used C. Horace ‘Maxima’ as the pod parent and the pollen parent was Slc. Barbara Elmore ‘Hearts’ that came from Elmore’s Orchids in Knoxville, TN.