More Cattleya Alliance Species

Image 413-1

B. digbyana 'B-52'

Originally this was a seedling from Oak Hill Nursery about 1980. I have bloomed it larger than any awarded digbyana and it almost always blooms with 2 flowers on each growth if given plenty of light. Check the photo, 8 blooms on 4 spikes. Never shown for award as of yet.

Image 414-1

B. glauca 'Lenette'


Image 408-1
Image 408-1

B. nodosa 'Brecko-Nova'

From Breckinridge Orchids, Mark Rose selfed the 'Susan Fuchs' FCC clone, then treated the plants to induce higher ploidy. This clone was superior to any of the others. Flower stems are at least twice as long as the normal species and stand more upright, blooms are larger and flower segments are stiffer and don't sag like the parent. This is the most unique nodosa I have ever seen.

Image 420-1

Leptotes bicolor 'Showers of Joy'

Exceptionally dark clone for the species

Image 420-2

Leptotes bicolor


Image 435-1
Image 435-1

Schomburgkia sawyeri

According to the taxonomists, the genus Schomburgkia does not exist anymore, but until they quit changing things around constantly, I will leave well enough alone. This rare species is described by Dr. Carl Withner in Volume III of his THE CATTLEYAS AND THEIR RELATIVES on page 41 and there is a photo on plate 21 in the same volume. I have included 2 photos of my own as well. There is debate by various hardcore enthusiasts as to its validity as a true species. To my knowledge no one has proven anything other than it is a species. It is found in nature on the Pacific slopes in Mexico. I absolutely LOVE this thing.