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Blc. Brunswick Blush 'Coral' AM/AOC

C. Hawaiian Jewel x Blc. Sylvia Fry)

AM award from the Australian Orchid Council. This is an Australian creation between Hawaiian Jewel (a large white) x Sylvia Fry (they can be lavender or white). Gordon Vallance registered it in 1997 and named the clone 'Coral' after his wife. It has been used in Australia to make some outstanding crosses. I got my plant from Cal-Orchid who got them indirectly from Australia via a South African acquaintance.

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Blc. Brunswick Gem 'Coral' AM/AOC

(Blc. Owen Holmes x C. Horace)

Another plant that has made its way completely around the world. This was a cross made by Gene Crocker at Carter and Holmes, the parents used were Blc. Owen Holmes 'Mendenhall' x C. Horace 'Maxima'. Gene took a trip to Australian in 1994 and Gordon Vallance got a flask from him. Later, Gordon asked C&H if he could name the cross and was granted permission. He gave this particular clone his wife's name, 'Coral', which to me, also describes the color. I heard that at least one of the cross came out yellow. My Australian Friend, Zelda, procured a division for me, thus completing the world tour. I found out recently that Cal-Orchid had some for sale that came indirectly from Australia.

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Blc. Carolina Golden D'Or

(Blc. Bouton D'Or x C. Warpaint)

"Lenette #2'. A real show stopper from Lenette.

"Lenette #5'. Stud plant from Lenette. There are no adequate words to describe how beautiful these blooms are, even the photo does not do it full justice. For those who knew of Lenette's breeding, they excelled at breeding for art-shades, oranges and reds. Even years after they have gone out of business, I have not seen better oranges than what they produced. This clone is one the best and has a reddish undertone that makes it more vibrant than just plain orange. The blooms can get up to 4", spikes are strong and can carry up to 6 blooms each. The plant makes multiple growths per year that all flower about the same time for a long lasting show.

'Spring Time'. Lenette's stud plant, awardable, gorgeous art-shade orange.

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Blc. Chinese Bronze

(C. bicolor x Blc. Chinese Jade)

This cross was registered in 1981 by Stewart Inc. The parents are Blc. Chinese Jade (guttata x Greenwich) X C. bicolor. The clone 'Marco Polo' was mericloned and first offered in the 1987 catalog of Stewart Orchids (page 2). There is a gene in the cross that can cause red flaring on the petal tips similar to what is found in C. intermedia variety aquinii, as shown in the 'Jai Chou' clone.

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Blc. David Dolge 'Martha's Sweetheart'

(Lc. Mary Ellen Carter x Blc. Toshie Aoki)

Registered by Carter and Holmes in 1995. David Dolge is Gene Crocker's brother-in-law, husband to his sister Martha. This clone took strongly after the Mary Ellen Carter parent, but photos on Orchid Wiz show clones looking more like the Toshie parent. I show two bloomings one year apart. There is also a Pot. Martha Dolge, another Carter and Holmes cross.

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Blc. Dawson City 'Mendenhall'

(Lc. Memoria Albert Heinecke x Blc. Acapana)

This unusual plant has made its way completely around the world. Created and registered by Beall in 1970, the parents are Albert Heinecke x Acapana, neither which grew very well. This particular clone found its way into the Carter and Holmes collection back in the 1970's. Several crosses were made with it that seemed to produce mostly junk. The plant was mericloned, but the clones seemed to cripple and not grow well. An Australian gentleman named Bryan Jones got a plant and took it back with him and made a few crosses of which I don't know the results as of yet. An Australian friend of mine procured a division of Jones' plant and sent it to me. The photo is of my first blooming. Before C&H lost their plant, they crossed it with Oconee. I have one seedling which flowered last year and I have included a photo. This particular seedling turned out not too bad.

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Blc. Distant Shores 'New Worlds'

(Lc. Jane Warne x Bc. Beranee)

Stewarts, nice semialba.

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Blc. George King 'Mem Jim Nivens' HCC/AOS

(Blc. Buttercup x C. Bob Betts)

Award plant was shown by Mr. George King, 1979. This is an original of the awarded plant shared with Frank Fordyce from Mr. King, then to me. Has more color than the 'Serendipity' clone and just as good of shape.

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Blc. Hawaiian Venture 'Dee'

(Blc. His Light x Blc. Toshie Aoki)

This clone was mericloned at Hawaiian Hybrids by Gerrit Takasaki. A first bloom mericlone in a 4" pot was sent to me in flower and this is exactly how it looked upon taking it out of the box, totally untouched flower. One of the most alluring yellows I have ever seen.

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Blc. Junko 'Nanko'

(Blc. Meditation x Lc. Cantabile)

Hawaiian cross using Meditation which distinguishes itself with nice color patterns in the lip of the offspring and good shape. On this clone, the lip pattern can vary depending on temperatures.

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Blc. Kure Beach 'Lenette #2'

(Blc. Fortune x Blc. Iliad)

Sometimes blooms with the flares as in my photo, but can be concolor yellow as well. Excellent stud parent and blooms more than one time per year.

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Blc. Mem. Crispin Rosales 'Troubador'

(Lc. Bonanza x Blc. Norman's Bay)

Bracey, 1959 from Stewart's stud plant collection. This plant came to me from Mr. R.E. Post's collection, who was given it from the stud house by Ernest Hetherington to keep it for "insurance" in case something happened to their plant. The story that I heard from a former employee at Stewarts was this clone was closely held for breeding because of the color, more of a reddish tint to it over the other clones in the stud house, even the leaves have a purple pigment, and it is a more compact grower than other clones. It is a "standard" cattleya, but compared to others, the bulbs are more squat and the leaves are not as long. The thinking was that the more saturated pigment could lead to darker progeny when used in breeding. It does not quite have the shape of 'Behold' or 'Shining Moment', but it is probably the rarest clone that is known to have survived from Stewart's stud house.

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Blc. Miya's Fascination 'Odom's Wildfire' AM/AOS

(Blc. Waianae Jewel x Blc. Painter's Brush)


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Blc. Newberry Royalty 'Wedding Day' AM/AOS

(Bc. Peggy Forbis x Blc. George King)

With Carter & Holmes permission, I registered this cross made by Gene Crocker as Blc. Newberry Royalty after the 'Wedding Day' cultivar was awarded. The first pic is of the first bloom seedling and the second is the award photo where you can see the fuller segments. The two photos are interesting in that one can see how even good blooms will improve over time as the plant matures.

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Blc. Nosegay 'Jo-Jo'

(Lc. Paradisio x Blc. Headon)

Stewart's breeding, 1968, large pink similar to Pamela Hetherington but a bit more pink.

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Blc. Orange Show 'Cloud Forest'

(Lc. Spring Show x Blc. Orange Nuggett)

Miyamoto breeding, appropriate name as it puts on a real show, brilliant concolor orange. Fresh citrus fragrance. Fairly compact grower.

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Blc. Rio's Green Magic

(B. digbyana x Blc. Green-heart)

From Jones and Scully but bred by Ruben in Orchids. Stays green and is very fragrant at night, looks similar to a large digbyana.

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Blc. Surfer Girl 'Devine'

(L. anceps x Blc. California Girl)

Image 14-28

Blc Suzanne's Hallelujah 'Paradise'

(Blc. Doctor Joe Walker x Blc. Mahina Yahiro)

The Blc. Meditation in the background on both sides gives great lip shape, color and size to the blooms. Produced by Hawaii Hybrids. An award waiting to happen. Look for Meditation in the background on most any hybrid if you want great blooms.

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Blc. Toshie Aoki

(Blc. Faye Miyamoto x Blc. Waianae Flare)