General Orchid Growing Tips and Tricks


Share divisions of your best things for security. If you grow long enough, you will have a loss and regret not sharing your best things with friends, but then it will be too late.

No Slip Hangers for Plastic Pots:

Heat hanger "elbow" just enough to melt the plastic and then immediately cool with water. Bend elbow in with pliers if needed. For very heavy and large pots, you can use two hangers at opposite angles.

Hanger Tension Adjustment:

Push tension arm in and push from side to side at the same time.

Rhizome Clips:

Plastic, clay pot, large plant with bamboo stake. Good plastic pot clips available from Hicks Orchid Supplies 407) 733-1887 or from Tropical Plant Products 407-293-2451 who can get them from Hicks.


Many places have them, but I like National Band and Tag Co. 859-261-2035. You can still write on them with a pencil. Nice catalog available. order the "virgin vinyl".

Writing on Labels:

Most permanent is pencil if the label is not too slick. Best is an art pencil, 2B. If you have the slick labels, the only permanent thing I have found is the SHARPIE PEEL-OFF CHINA MARKER from art supply places. Best black marker such as for the top label on your hanger is SHARPIE RUB-A-DUB LAUNDRY MARKER.

ID Tag on Top of Hanger:

If you have a large collection, putting an ID tag on top of the pot's hanger is a good way to make sure you don't lose track of the plant. I do this with all my most valuable plants. Only a key word or initial is needed most of the time.

Clothespin Etiquette:

One way to straighten or reposition buds that are not cooperative to make you look good as a grower. Plant shown is Blc. Mary Alice Underwood 'Krull Smith' HCC-AOS. You will need several pins with different size holes. Always sterilize between using on different plants. Place in a bowl of 25% bleach for 2 hours, rinse well.

Disasters...Minimize Them:

Have an automatic back up generator, have warning system such as Sensaphone or at least a wireless remote thermometer that triggers a signal if too hot or too cold. Always have 2 heaters and two fans. NEVER have both units on the same wiring system or the same circuit breaker. Never have both systems run by the same thermostat or computer. Everything mechanical WILL fail in time, so always have a backup. Keep an extra thermostat and extra belt and know how to replace them. Practice this.