Heirloom and Select Cattleyas
If you are looking for mass produced, cheap, fluffy orchids from Taiwan, then you have come to the wrong place. I grow rare heirloom and unique clones. The plants shown herein are part of my collection, but this is not a catalog of sale plants. The purpose of this website is to share the heritage of these beauties with other like minded collectors.

Here is a slideshow for your viewing pleasure.

Presentations to Orchid Societies
We enjoy talking about orchids and have several presentations for orchid societies.
  • Orchid Growing Tips
    Tips for better growing and happier orchids. Keith's handout has a lot of great information, the basics of orchid culture, orchid propagation, clothespin etiquette and more.

  • Demystifying the Bifoliates
    Bifoliate cattleyas produce loads of summer blooms. They're simple to grow once you understand them.

  • The Ghost Orchid
    After A Ghostly Pursuit was published in the AOS Orchid Magazine, a lot of people wanted to hear this talk.

  • Growing Award Winning Cattleyas
    Ever wonder how some growers seem to have all the "luck" with their cattleyas getting awards every time you turn around?

  • Exceptional Cattleyas for the Discriminating Collector
    This is a talk for those who want to have the best of the best.
Here's more information about our talks and speaking schedule.

Website Updates
May 2018, changing format to make it more mobile friendly and adding new images.

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